Price List

New Patient Exam, Panoramic X-Ray, 4 Bite Wing X-Rays, 4 Units of Scaling, Polishing, Fluoride

Old Price: $692.00
Now: $538.62 (save $153.38)



Adult Scaling\ Root Planning

Old Price: $302.00
Now: $240.78 (save $61.20)

Teen Scaling

Old Price: $219.00
Now: $173.46 (save $45.54)

A family of four could save up to $213.48!

Cleaning becomes complicated as the price can change depending on how much scaling or root planning is required to do a proper job. This pricing applies to only exact combinations given, individuals may have different needs.



Old Price: $1400.00
Now: $1224.44 (save $175.56)

With a few exceptions, having two coverages you will pay nothing if they both pay 50%.