Smoking Cessation Laser Therapy

Laser therapy for smoking cessation can be viewed as a holistic approach to help a patient quit smoking. Laser therapy may complement any other medical treatment a patient is receiving for the cessation of smoking.

With laser therapy, low level light stimulation is used on various pressure points- it’s much like acupuncture, but without needles! Many clinical trials have shown that laser therapy can be an effective addition to a smoking cessation program.

Quitting smoking will produce a myriad of benefits for your oral as well as your overall health. In most cases, a person begins smoking gradually and does so for many years. There is a physical as well as physiological component to the addiction. Quitting is a process, one that can take several weeks, months or even years, depending on the patient. Laser therapy is another tool that can help the process of quitting smoking go more smoothly.