Spacers are usually put in place before orthodontic treatments (such as braces or Invisalign) when teeth are too close together. They are often used in cases where a patient’s teeth are too close together. Spacers are usually made of rubber, but if a patient is missing a tooth, a metal spacer may be used to prevent the remaining teeth from shifting. As the name suggests, spacers create space between the two teeth and prevent them from coming together.

There may be some initial discomfort after a spacer is inserted, but this should subside after a few days. Patients may brush as normal, it is just important to avoid flossing between the teeth where the spacer is. Patients generally may eat and drink as normal, but it is best to avoid sticky candies and gum while the spacer is in place to avoid it becoming dislodged. Usually, spacers are removed when orthodontics are ready to be applied.