What can I expect when I walk into the Pyramid Dental Hygiene Services work space?

Our work space has state of the art dental equipment including X-ray technology and the VELscope handpiece. We offer a comfortable waiting area, a clean, sterile work area, and entertainment for our patients while they wait. Our staff are qualified dental professionals who are dedicated to ensuring our patients oral health.

What qualifies Pyramid Dental Hygiene Services to offer dental hygiene services outside of a dentist’s office?

In 2007, the Alberta government passed legislation allowing patients to choose their dental hygienist, outside of a dentist’s office. The Regulated Health Professions Act of 1991 and the Dental Hygiene Act of 1991 provide the regulations that Gentle Dental Hygiene Services follows. As well, all of our dental hygienists are registered with the College of Dental Hygienists of Alberta.

How much will an appointment cost?

The cost varies depending on how much time it takes to provide the services needed. Pyramid Dental Hygiene Services tailors services to fit each client’s unique oral health needs. After an exam, our dental hygienist will discuss the services you require and their costs. Our fees are competitive, and generally less than what you would pay at a dentist’s office.

Why should I choose Pyramid Dental Hygiene Services?

Our dental hygienists are gentle, thorough and experienced. At our office, you will get the chance to choose your regular hygienist. At Pyramid Dental Hygiene Services you will know what to expect each visit, and your dental hygienist will know your mouth inside and out. We care for our patient’s the way that we would like to be cared for! By choosing Pyramid Dental Hygiene Services, you can save time and money while receiving a high quality cleaning and exam.